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Who We Are

Demetera International Film Festival is an annual event dedicated to independent filmmakers and artists from all over the world, celebrating culture and art.

Our mission

Our festival’s aim is to provide a place for filmmakers and artists who don’t necessarily have a large budget but interesting stories to share. We are eager to promote a wide variety of genres and styles to cinema fans and fellow international filmmakers and to establish a strong network for indie filmmakers, producers, and marketing professionals.


From custom objects directly in our metaverse

Custom 3D assets

Our 3D designers, in partnership with your aristic team will create and integrate your assets in our environment.

From small to large

This can include small objects like cans to large ones like buidldings.

Our tech stack

We support FBX, Obj, STL, GLB and more.

To custom build world and environment

Rooms and dedicated space

For your brand we can provide dedicated space. Our 3D artists will design with you the specific room where user will interact, experience and enjoy.

Shape your dedicated space

Let all your dreams come true! Let the users immerse themselves, discovering your brands and stories.

Merge your world with ours

Your brand story and world will merge perfectly in our metaverse.

We provide data

Transparency is our moto

We are able to provide real time engagement data

Our data scientists will provide anonmymous engagement data

This includes real time dashboards, and detailed reports unpon request

We can integrate your own sdks

If you wish, we can also incorporate third party engagement sdk to measure your branding campaigns.

Shop in our metaverse

In game purchase

Using our sdk and third party integrations, our users are able to purchase directly your products without leaving our metaverse.

NFT integration

We can provide custom build integrations or smart contracts to merge with your current infrastructure

Sell your NFT

We can integrate with the major NFT marketplace including OpenSea, Superare and more




average submissions




Unique viewers

Our audience


Audience tuned in from 83 countries to engage with the Festival’s social media content and live-streamed events..


Some binged-watched alone, some with their families, and others hosted virtual watch parties.


Our exclusive audiences are diverse, educated, active media consumers, and passionate supporters of our Festival.

106K total views

35hours of watching



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