Demetera International Film Festival

Demetera International Festival is a bi-annual event dedicated to independent filmmakers and artists from all over the world, celebrating culture and art.

Our jury will award the best films through screenings, and make a special interview with some of the winners. In addition to movies, we will also showcase experimental works of art including sound art, painting and live performances.

We look forward to setting up a spectacular event in the beautiful city of Paris. We are now open for submissions for our November 2019 Edition!

Our goal

Our festival’s aim is to provide a place for filmmakers and artists who don’t necessarily have a large budget but interesting stories to share.

Our goal is to promote a wide variety of genres and styles to cinema fans and fellow international filmmakers and to establish a strong network for indie filmmakers, producers, and marketing professionals.

Among our community, we share one common goal: forge productive and lasting relationships between independent filmmakers, artists and audiences.