Join our 2022 Edition

Join us for our 4th edition which will take place on March 30-31 2022 in Paris at Christine 21!

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Demetera International Festival is an organization dedicated to independent filmmakers and artists from all over the world, celebrating culture and art.
Our goal is to promote a wide variety of genres and styles to cinema fans and fellow international filmmakers and to establish a strong network for filmmakers, producers, and marketing professionals.


Demetera 2021

Relive our 2021 Edition! Meet our selected directors and winners, and more!

Watch some of the selected trailers, and interviews directly on our Youtube channel.

Demetera 2020

Meet our selected winners, learn about their work and stories.

Watch some of the selected trailers, and interviews directly on our Youtube channel.

Demetera 219

Relive our 2019 edition that took place in Paris in November 2019.

Check out the selected films, winners, pictures and more.

Unique Handmade Trophies

All our trophies are handmade and unique for all our winners. Sticky Soils are our current artists and they currently work on our 2021 trophies.

Feel free to check out their amazing work on their Instagram Profile

Our 2021 Jury

Nelson DelapalmeJury for Best Music Video

Marie ZabukovecFestival Director

Nessim DebbicheJury for Best Animated Short

Carmen AlessandrinJury For Best Narrative Short

Alex Blumberger FleurontJury For Best Documentary Short

Marie CarrotJury For Best Experimental Short

Join us for an extra-ordinary human experience

We are always on the lookout for beautiful human encounters and experiences.

More specifically we are looking for jury members for our 2022 editions as well as marketing directors.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly at for more information.


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Where it will happen

Christine 21,
4 Rue Christine, 75006